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Yearly Gym Membership

Yearly Gym Membership + 3 Months Pool

  Yearly Gym Membership + 6 Months Pool

Yearly Gym Membership + 12 Months Pool
 Basic Facility
  Cardio Centre

These training equipments mainly aims at improving & increasing individuals cardiovascular efficiency i.e. your endurance, stamina. we have cardio stations from CYBEX U.S.A

  Fitness Assessment & Physiotherapy

Weight loss or weight gain, benefit through our lifestyle management program.With qualified nutritionists to guide you with personalized diets, daily consultation, fat percentage, measurement & free weight maintenance program.

  Strength Training

Strength training aims at toning & shaping of muscle. For every muscle group there is a strength training equipment, strength training also improving muscle strength, which contributes to increasing individual basal metabolic rate all from CYB EX U.S.A

Free Shower, Temporary Locker, Shower Gel, Ample Parking, Steam.
 Supplementary Facilities

  Nutrition Guidance

A highly qualified dietitian available designs your diet chart according to your aim and medical conditions.

Personal Training

To Help you personally achieve your fitness resolution, a choice of highly professional, accredited, fee-based personal  trainers for you.

  Swimming Pool

Refresh Yourself with a bliss of water in the beautiful swimming pool with separate showers. A different and joyful way to exercise and relax your body.

Transfer Certificate

Your Gym Membership is transferable to a non-member at a nominal transfer fee.